Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life gets in the way!!

So I am sitting here at my computer on a beautiful sunny day with a salad for lunch and I am trying to figure out how to put the last 4 weeks into words. As you have noticed I have been absent from blog land for a little while. Life has seem to taken me by the back of the neck and dragged through this month screaming my lungs out. Seriously...where did August go???
Between Graydon being in so many camps this summer and me training for this marathon, I am totally consumed by family life. Which is great, don't think for one second that I would give up this crazy busy life I have. I do love it and am proud to be a wife and mom...
I just think I need a vacation!!
So while life has been whizzing by this is the last four weeks:
Golf camp ended on the 1st Friday of this month. After that we had family come in from Florida for Graydons Survivor 10th Birthday party. It was great as always seeing them with busy days and nights...on Graydons birthday we went to Camel Beach for the day and then that night headed off to Kampai for dinner. The dinner ended on a sour note with a woman accidentally going up in a blue flame at the table kiddie corner to us. They took her away in an ambulance and I really don't know anymore than that. Strange though!!
So then on that Sunday we had Graydons Birthday party. A beautiful hot day with lots of fun for the kiddos!! Survivor games and cake, what more could a ten year old ask for!
In between all of this there is work and trying to get some pottery made for 2 upcoming shows, not to mention the mileage I have been putting in for the marathon that is only 6 weeks away. Even though I will be running my "arse" off that day I am really looking forward in seeing some different views than Broome County! We have not ventured out of the State or nearby Pennsyltucky in five sad is that!!
So....that's that! And now I am off to finish my lovely salad for lunch, get some stuff accomplished this early afternoon before I have a delivery to make and then off to the hospital where my mother-in-law is having some surgery today! Whew....


Tony@ That One Paticular Harbor said...

Kind of crazy how life just slips away as we live it with passion. How are the ribs treating you? Hope all is well. How is the platter coming.

Vicki said...

I admire your resolve to train for a marathon. I think most of us have that on our fantasy to-do list. Can't wait to see the new pottery.

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Hi Dani: Thanks for stopping by my blog. About your bunny - maybe you could try putting a live trap out with treats (raisins or other dried fruit maybe) to cach the little guy? It's always so sad when people let domestic bunnies loose...they are just not equipped like their wild cousins to survive. I hope you can catch it and can give it a good home. Good luck!