Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Yes, I admit!! I am a messy person. I try to be neat and orderly but for some reason it just turns into a mess. Today I took advantage of being home all day. Graydon wasn't feeling well this morning so needless to say I had to postpone work for a day. It is a good thing that my "people" don't mind. Thank you!!

Anyways...I did a million loads of laundry, the dishes, made banana muffins, and the pies de resistance...I CLEANED THE DINING ROOM. Unfortunately this room tends to be the sewing room. It has a great 19th century farm house table perfect for sewing on and using it as a cutting board and it is a pleasant place to be. I had it a total disaster zone. I should have taken a before pic but instead I decided to use this cartoon. I had fabric from one end to the other, patterns scattered all over with no rhyme or reason. I actually got large zip lock bags and labeled the outside with the name and number of the pattern and filled them with all the pieces. I hate trying to re-stuff the envelopes after I cut them out. What a pain!

So...needless to say it still has my sewing machine and small ironing board on the table but everything else is in its place. Shhh I even took out my small Christmas tree that was hiding in the corner. How pathetic is that!!!

Well, at least feel like I got something accomplished today.

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