Saturday, February 27, 2010

200th Blog Post

200th Blog Post Today...Wow!!
And it is pottery...what could be better.
These pieces have been kicking around for a while so I decided that I would list them in etsy
and also blog about them. The jar above is quite a favorite of mine. It is a beautiful verdigris all over color with this intense rich red band that surrounds the jar and also is featured on the lid. You could put cookies in it, store flour or sugar in it or even put yourself in it when the time comes. Kind of weird combination...flour and ashes but hey, what the heck. A lot of people are going that way now. I guess it is because of the economy and how much it is to bury someone whether it be in the ground or in a mausoleum.
I'm not too sure which I prefer...I think I need to ponder this for a while.
These little cuties are newish. I was encouraged by my friend Nancy of the Round Rabbit to make these. She saw me pull some out of the kiln way back when and they actually were intended to be ornaments. Owls are HOT right now so I decided to make some more before Christmas time and I just plum forgot to glaze them. Thus, here it is the end of February and they are making their appearance in my etsy shop.
Blue, red, green and more colors to come. That is after I finish taking their photos, loading them onto the computer, fixing them in Adobe and then finally listing them. It is quite the process to list things in etsy...and I don't know how you all do it who constantly list things. I feel like I am glued to the computer for hours when I only list a few things.
Feel free to take a look at the goodies and stay tuned for more listing in my shop!

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