Friday, July 9, 2010

The Boilermaker Weekend

I'm off today with two boys in tow to head up to Utica for my race packet. This Sunday is the race that I have been prepping for and I am beginning to get sweaty palms. I know I can do it...but it is always pre-race jitters.
Utica is where I attending college for a year before deciding that Advertising and Graphics was not for me. I was more of a fine arts person and should have headed in that direction. But I did enjoy exploring Utica when I was there and I look forward in seeing my old dorm and campus. I haven't been back in many years.
So the kiddo and I and his friends are heading up north today. Our first stop is the Herkimer Diamond Mines so we can mine for our fortune. Hopefully the rain will hold off for us! After that we will head over to Utica for the Expo of shopping and race packet. I am looking forward in seeing some new running things and I hope they have some Vibrams there for me to try on. What are Vibrams??? A type of shoe that allows you to run barefoot it that makes sense. A couple of friends who are running in the race on Sunday have started using them and I want to see what all the hype is about. I'm not sure if this old girl can handle running barefoot, back in the day I could, so I just want to try them on.
The photo above is all of us who are running in the race on Sunday. There are many more people from this area going but in this photo is...
Ashley of Neverhome Maker, me, my cousin Lindsey and her hubby John and Stephen of Neverhome Maker. Hopefully we will be able to find each other after the race to hang out and enjoy our stories of the race.
Happy Friday all!!

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Nicki said...

So, did you all find each other? I didn't make it to the Expo but do know that Finger Lakes Running Co in Ithaca - right on the Commons - has some VFF. You can try them there if you didn't get a chance.

What race is up for you next?