Saturday, July 3, 2010

Baby Flight

This week has been a little nutty with no school in session, my great aunt returning back to the hospital, training for a 15K race next Sunday, home life along with many other distractions.
This, though is a positive distraction that I have been watching for several weeks. In the shed off the back of the barn are barn swallows. There have been nests there for years, painted over and unoccupied...that is until this year. I noticed while feeding the goats that the swallows were flying over my head, protecting the nest but it wasn't until I found a little egg on the ground that they actually decided to call is home.
I pitched a ladder and went up for a sky view of the nest and there were several eggs in there. I did leave the nest alone until the babies were bursting out of it.
The above photo is of the parents circling in protest of my being there...
I just love these babies...I saw at least four crammed into this tiny nest.

As of yesterday...the babies took flight.
I hope that in the future they remember this place and lay more eggs.

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