Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Eyes are the windows...

So I took this photo after trying to capture a cat over my shoulder. I missed completely except for part of my eye, which happens to look very blue today. Normally my eyes range in color especially if I am tired or sick and today the sick won out. I should explain that I was up all night deathly ill. It started off with a little headache which quickly blew into a full blown migraine which I NEVER get. Needless to say I spent a good part of the night on the cool tile bathroom floor trying to get rid of the headache, nausea, something else (which I will not disclose) and a fever.

I feel better today except I still have a slight fever and a dull headache. Talk about freak me right the hell out. I really thought that Todd might have to take me to the er...except I couldn't leave the bathroom.

Finally the headache somewhat subsided which lead to sleep. Off and on I slept with the most wildest dreams...

Well, I will take it easy for the rest of today and see how I feel tomorrow. Hopefully much better!

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