Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lindsey's Bridal Shower

This past Saturday was my cousin Lindsey's bridal shower. It was such a beautiful day...
Above is a collage of photos from that day. Top left is Lindsey, next to that on the right is an adorable card box my aunt made with photos of the bride and groom, next to that is a bowl of m&m's in the wedding colors, bottom left the cake I made, next to that my Aunt Diane (mother of the bride) and my cousin Jillian, next to that on the right is a photo of Lindsey with her card box. On each side is a black and white photo of her and John. On the bottom right sugar cookies I made with the main theme being green apples.
It was a wonderful day and tons of great gifts. Wedding is just 1 month away as of today. We can't I just need to find a dress!


Diane said...

What a great collage of photos. Thanks Dani for everything you did to help make Lindsey's shower so special. The cake and cookies were amazing and tasted just as good as they looked!

Jillian said...

Love the pictures, Dani! Thanks for all your help - you really completed the day. Everything you made was so perfect and Lindsey loved it (so did I)!

See you soon :)