Friday, April 24, 2009


After this past weekend I needed a well deserved break from blogging. My apologies to all my readers. The weekend started on Friday night cleaning out the studio for our pottery guest, Neil Patterson. Hosing down the floor and sucking up all the muddy water with a shop vac for three hours about ruined my back. The studio was as sparkly as it could get for our workshop starting on Saturday morning.
For those of you who are not familiar with Neil's work, please visit his site here
Also, his wife, Sandi came to our studio several months ago and did a wonderful workshop where I learned so much from her. You can check out my post from then here
Neil's work is similar to Sandi's but he throws on the wheel where as Sandi hand builds almost everything. His glazes are amazing and I would love to have the recipes for them!!! They both are amazing artists who compliment each other perfectly!!

I made several things throughout the workshop weekend but a few are my favs. He taught us how to create an oval shaped casserole by throwing all the components and then assembling them in the shape you desire. Maryanne my pottery instructor has taught us also how to do this technique but it was great to see another persons view on it as well.

Here is my casserole that I completed. Keep your fingers crossed that it will not crack!!! Ugh!

Also a mug that I created with instruction from Neil. A different way of throwing!! I like it!
So needless to say my weekend was so jam packed full that once Monday came, I was down and out!! I have been fighting some sort of cold, sinus, allergy thing and it kicked my butt this week. On top of the busy weekend, my week has been incredibly busy. Work everyday with the exception of yesterday on my hands and knees for 4 hours stripping grout from one of my clients homes. Hard work let me tell you!!
Well, I'm off to work now, and then to the studio to help unload the gas kiln. We are having an Earth Day Celebration at McCarther School tomorrow if anyone is interested in coming to support us. We will be having pottery for sale as well as a kids area where your kids can create something out of airdry clay. Also a popcorn and water sale as well to help our beloved pottery studio. I shall be there at some point in the afternoon but my veggie garden is calling my name and with the temps in the 80's this weekend, I will be taking advantage of the weather!
Happy Friday!!


The French Bear said...

Wow!! How fabulous was that experience! Your cup looks so good! It makes me wish I kept up with pottery! I miss throwing big bowls on the wheel, that was my favorite!
I can't wait to see what else you make!!! Have fun!
Margaret B

Susan said...

You continue to amaze me! Enjoy this gorgeous weekend we're having!

Dani said...

Thank Sue...enjoy your weekend as well and I will email you when I get done here. Sorry for the delay in responding to you. It has been crazy here and I will explain in the email!