Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Hiking We Will Go...

Yesterday was a fun day. It started off a little slow with daily household duties but my 12:00 we went for a hike with a bunch of friends. I think there was about 6-7 adults and 12 children. Along the way we saw remenents of animals and tons and tons of moss, even a snake which the boys tried to catch.
Fossil hunting was going on too and the dogs, Logan and Timber had a ball checking out everything!

I actually got all the kids to sit down for this was after a jelly bean refueling!

The highlight I do have to say was another eagle siting. I am so lucky to have these great photos of this incredible bird. I almost didn't bring my camera...can you imagine!!!
Nancy had brought us into a clearing and told us about an eagles nest. After several minutes we spotted the eagle head popping out of the nest. She kept turning and looking at us I am assuming in disgust because everyone was invading her privacy.

She then took off in flight and circles over our heads for a good 5 minutes! What a site to see!

Check out her eye!

I love this photo...the sun was so bright overhead and there she is right in the middle! Lucky us who got to see this amazing site! Now I know where she lives I will be visiting often!!


Susan said...

Great pics Dani! Looks like so much fun - I am LOVING this weather we're finally getting. Whoo HOO!

Dani said...

Me too Sue! Graydon and I just spent the morning at our creek behind our house...

Now yard work!!

Susan said...

Hey Dani! Listen, I MAY be going back to work full time sometime in May - the first thing back on our list is to get cleaners back in here... we've had the same group here for some time, but Mark mentioned you do that and I think I read it on your blog... will you email me at and we can talk if you are still even doing that and have time and are looking for new clients? We're real easy and flexible! Swear.