Friday, April 3, 2009

I have been feeling a little under the weather this week. It all started on Wednesday when I thought that I had scratched my throat eating some almonds but after three hours when it didn't go away, I realized it was more. I'm not quite sure what it is but maybe a touch of bronchitis...LOVELY. Just what I wanted!!
So upon laying on the couch for pretty much two days straight feeling like crud, I have been itching to get stuff done. I actually threw some pottery on Thursday afternoon in midst of not being able to swallow or breath...I would throw one piece and then come up and lay on the couch for a while and then go back down and throw another piece of pottery. Not really effective throwing but it got the job done, and made me feel like I got something done!
The baby plants are growing nicely. The photo above shows some purple basil emerging from the soil. Yummm, just think...home grown tomatoes, basil and some great mozzarella!!!
Ohhh, I can't wait!!
Laying on the couch today I had some company. Usually Callie sleeps on our bed during the day when I am home but I guess she wanted to be near her mama knowing that I was sick....

Here's a photo of some pussy willows I cut this week. They are out in FULL bloom right now.
And for all of you earring holder wanters...they are in the midst of drying and hopefully on Sunday I will bisque and then glaze on Monday. Look for them in my shop by the end of next week!!
On another note.
For those of you who do not know where I live...I live in Upstate New York. Binghamton to be exact! Today we had a tragedy unfold right here in our little historic city. A lone shooter entered into a Civic Association and started shooting. So far reports have said that 14 have died and 4 are in critical condition. When I was told about this, I called a friend who informed me that a mutual friend of ours mother works at this Civic Association. Being glued to the television set for hours today trying to find out some information, lead to a call from another friend saying that the mom is OK and was hiding in the boiler room during this tragedy.
This Civic Association is right down the street from our beloved pottery studio...most days when I go to the studio I drive right by the C.A. It is so unreal to me that this had to happen...reports also have said that the shooter was just laid off from his job. What must have this individual felt that he was compelled to harm innocent people???
Please take a moment to say a prayer for the families who have lost a loved on in this horrific act of violence.
For you people who would like to read about this tragedy, check it out here


Susan said...

HI Dani.. oh my god, I hope the mutual mom friend is the same mutual family friend of ours... who was supposed to be teaching??? Mark's been bomb squading it all day there - he said it was horrific inside. I'm saying prayers.

Dani said...

She was teaching in the basement classroom and escaped with her class to the boiler room.

I was wondering if Mark was there yesterday...Im glad he's ok!

Susan said...

Hi Dani. No, not the same person unfortunately. The person we're waiting to hear on was subbing in the main upstairs room. The paper gave her name. But, I haven't gotten a call yet from my brothers. Saying prayers.

Dani said...

Sue, Oh good grief...I'm saying prayers too!!

The French Bear said...

How sad that the world has come to this. You can't escape the bad, no matter where you live. I am glad your friend's Mom is alright, such a horrible ordeal to be hiding and not know if someone is coming to find you, she must have been terrified! To think you drive by there everyday, that gives me chills....
Hugs to you,
Margaret B