Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 Days ?????

2 days....????
Where did the time go???
I am pretty much ready but there is always something more that I want to do. Tomorrow I am hopeful to get a bunch of cookies made, cinnamon rolls and the beginnings of Christmas dinner. I think all the presents are wrapped except two things that need to be finished. That will be tonight.
Today I am off to a Christmas party at school. Me of all people signed up for the Christmas craft...what the heck was I thinking? So pondering the computer, I found a great idea. It happens to be one idea that my mother-in-law made last year. I went to the good old Salvation Army yesterday and bought some 100% wool sweaters, sent them through the wash on hot two times and then in the dryer. This morning I cut them all up into 1" squares, cut wire in 14" lengths and the kids are going to string the wool pieces onto the wire to make Christmas wreaths. It isn't too baby-ish which was my goal for 4th graders. Hopefully they will enjoy making them.
After school, I will be heading to the cemeteries to put up Christmas wreaths which is my annual duty. I enjoy doing it but it was pretty chilly out there in the snow, making the wreaths this morning. I should have done them earlier but as stated above the time just got away from me.
A couple of deliveries need to be made and then I will be home all night long...Thank Goodness!!
The above photo was taken last night at the mall. Callie was prancing into the mall like she had been there a million times. She enjoyed the sights and sounds of the chaos!!! Santa just loved her too, even asking her if she was a dingo?! Funny huh!! I was a little worried about how she would sit for the photo but she did awesome!! Even a big smile!! Graydon was talking to Santa and he asked him what he wanted for Christmas...Graydon replied
"Peace on Earth"
Now wouldn't that be nice!!

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The French Bear said...

Merry Christmas and hopefully it is full of love and laughter and fun!!!!
Margaret B