Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Re-cap!!

Christmas is over already and I can't believe it has flown by like it has. It is always sad for me after Christmas because of all the preparation it takes but I need a well deserved rest. I walked around the house tonight and snapped a few reminder photos of the house. Stitchie enjoys the light of the garland on the Hoosier and does is best to knock it off when he can.
Graydon brought home an adorable angel which promptly took her seat on a Christmas tree.

Many handmade ornaments adorned the tree this year. Smack in the middle is a beautiful star from Nancy. To the left is an ornament made by a friend from the studio. To the right, the wool wreath was made by Graydon as a classroom Christmas project that we did the last day of school. I truly enjoy a tree with many different types of ornaments, especially handmade ones.

To the left is SNOOPY. A childhood ornament that I have treasured throughout the years. I even remember picking it out when I was a child. Now my child loves it an looks forward to hanging it every year.

You gotta have a sock monkey hanging somewhere!!

My Fontanini Nativity set that I love setting up...take a look at the right side of this photo.
A potter!!
One of the few lego sets that have invaded our living room!!
I love it!!
Here is our advent calender that I made several years ago. Each card is a different photo that you flip over on that specific day. We always enjoy seeing who is peeking behind a card.

Here is an adorable dwarf Alberta spruce tree that I picked up in the flower district of NYC. I picked up these kitchen ornaments a few years ago and they look so cute on this little tree that adorns our kitchen island.

The annual gingerbread house...

A Charlie Brown tree in our upstairs hallway...

My childhood Christmas Tree that now lights Graydons room at night.

And finally Graydons nutcrackers.
Merry Belated Christmas
and a
Very Happy New Year!


Round Rabbit said...

Wow! Your house is a like Christmas dream! (it's fun to see one of my ornaments on an actual tree - hadn't seen that yet :)

The French Bear said...

Beautiful decorations, all of them! I love the mini tree with the kitchen ornaments! I do hope you have had a wonderful holiday!
Margaret B