Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Toy

I won an auction on Ebay the other day and I was excited to see it came in today's mail. It is a Kitchen Aid pasta maker that fits in with the Kitchen Aid food grinder. Although it is not the exact Kitchen Aid Pasta Maker that I really want (note the last photo), I thought maybe this is could be 2nd best.
The dough recipe is different from the one I typically use for the old fashioned crank machine and really, really dry. I had to add a little more water to the recipe and it still was dry. I attached all the pieces and tried to use the smaller spaghetti dye but the dough did not extrude in it. I think once the dough goes through the grinder part it gets a little more sticky so note to self, use a little less water. Once I put the larger spaghetti dye in, it really started pumping out.
And it made a ton of pasta. So guess what we are having for dinner???
I would rate this an A so far. It comes with an elbow, lasagna, thin spaghetti, larger spaghetti and linguine noodle maker. The thing that makes me a little worried is the torque it puts on the Kitchen Aid motor. The machine was quite warm after I finished. Maybe it was the stickiness of the dough but next time I use it I will keep an eye on things.

This above photo is the one I really, really want. It retails for $179.00 plus s/h and tax from William Sonoma. It is amazing. It makes fuscilli and rigatoni as well as a bunch more different pastas....
Maybe in the "near" future I'll be able to blog about this one too...

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