Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend Fun!

After a very full day of work on Friday I was treated to my very first time going to the Dick's Golf Open. We thought we would try and get there for a little golf but there were so many people there is was a little impossible to get to the green. We hung around near the food and beer tents for a while and saw some familiar faces and then headed to the 18th green for an incredible concert.
Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 came to little old Binghamton to play for a huge crowd. They had predicted 8-10 thousand people and I believe that they were all there. I was having so much fun with Todd and friends and we had a pretty good place to stand but....I wanted to get a little closer. So I grabbed a girl that I know and pushed our way a little closer.
I had left my camera in the car because I didn't think you could bring it in but I did have my phone with my camera on it. These images although nothing what I would have like to have taken, are pretty good. I especially like this one and the very first one.

Here is Rob thanking his awesome band...I am so happy I went to this concert. His voice is amazing and truly an wonderful artist!
The following day was a graduation party that we were invited to for two really great kids. Dan lives across the street from us and we have known him since he was 3. Their moms had wanted a cake with their images on it sculpted out of clay playing one of their favorite things...the xbox. So Todd and I worked for a couple hours making these great little figures.
Notice Tyler on the left side of this cake...see his hat. They had described it to us because it is his favorite hat that he has lost. He was so thrilled when he saw it...

Dan on the left wears tye-dyes mostly and Tyler loves his red under armour shirt. Todd was so creative and made the Monster Energy drink cans, A&W soda bottle, the bowl of chips and the TVs. I'm so glad he helped me with all of it...he's a great partner and we both laughed a lot during this creation.

He are the real life Dan and Tyler!!!
Congratulations guys!!!
We are proud of you both!

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