Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Birthday Recap

It was a crazy week of parties and thank goodness for the one on Saturday night. We attended a wedding reception for friends across the street and they had rented a 200 person tent. It was a beautiful reception and everyone looked like they had tons of fun.
This leads me to my next entry...
Saturday was BEAUTIFUL...
warm, sunny and a little breezy.
Sunday, not so much.
We woke to rain and it proceeded to rain ALL day long. I had mentioned to our friends the night before that if it rains on Sunday, could we borrow their tent. They responded with a "SURE, we have it until yourself". Thanks soooooo much Tom and Mary for your generosity!!!
We took them up on their offer and had Graydons 11th Birthday party under the big top!
Perfect for the whole carnival themed party we planned.
We had lots of games with prizes for the kids to play. One of our favorite TV shows is Minute to Win It and Todd had looked up online the different games...
Cookie on the face
water bottle/balloon
flip the water bottle
and more...
The kids and some adults :) had tons of fun playing them...

Nana enjoyed watching everyone with the games and of course she brought her famous baked beans which I lovingly had two helpings!! Thanks Nana!!

Graydons cake turned out cute...its a little wonky because the humidity was high but all in all it looked like how I envisioned it.

I also made root beer flavored cupcakes that looked like miniature tubs of popcorn. The kids had a cupcake eating contest and it was so much fun!
Overall, things were GREAT minus the downpour outside the tent.
But who actually paid attention to that when the festivities were awesome under the...

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