Monday, August 2, 2010


not really but sometimes it feels this way.
I have been absent from blog world again. Since the last time I blogged many things have happened. Life, stress and life I guess. Graydon was in a soccer camp at school all last week and so were extremely busy with soccer coaches from the Red Bulls organization. Every night was at a host families house for dinner. Long days and long nights...
On top of that my aunt is back into the hospital. This time is a pretty serious event. Since being in, she almost has given up the will to fight anymore. I went to the hospital yesterday and was shocked to find out that she has rejected all pills now. The doctors came in earlier that morning and asked her if she wanted to forgo taking her medication, due to the fact she keeps saying to them...leave me alone and let me die. News to me, she has not said that to anyone else but them. I suppose I have to abide by her wishes and support her decision.
On top of that, I have a meeting with Hospice sometime today to discuss her next course of action. After stopping her meds, she will really only last a few weeks if that.
I need to prepare myself for this event, but how do I do it?

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The French Bear said...

Oh dear, that is a hard one! Poor you...I guess you have to be strong and go with what she wants....give her each day, one at a time....usually the people at the hospice are so knowledgeable and kind, they know what to do!!!
I wish you strength and love cause it is a hard time and a long journey can do it though, you ran a marathon, remember!!!!
Margaret B