Friday, October 15, 2010

Corning Wineglass Marathon

October 3, 2010
26.2 miles!!
So I have been completely out of the loop lately. No blogging, no creating, no nothing!
Except running.
I am addicted.
Yes I said it, I am.
I am addicted to the feeling of accomplishing a long run, of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, of completing a goal in my life. I am addicted!!
I trained hard and long for the Corning Wineglass Marathon which was held two weeks ago last Sunday. It was hard training and getting all the long runs in...but somehow, someway I did it.
The week before the marathon I was completely and utterly doubting myself if I could actually complete this race. Fear of not training enough set in and also fear of my injury flaring up. I have a problem with my arch in my left foot which refers pain to my knee. It tends to act up on long runs so I have been going to the physical therapist for it. They are complete miracle workers there!! I virtually ran the marathon without pain until mile 11.
Continue to read and I'll explain everything!!!
We arrived at the starting point well enough before the start. I picked my spot to warm up in and started my ritual of stretching so I can't stretch anymore. Usually during the time before the race, I am in and out of panic mode. This time was different. I was so calm driving the hour and a half to the race, listening to some great "country" music and just driving at 5:00 in the morning. I stretched my heart out that morning,
One: because I knew it was cold, 46 degrees cold to start.
Two: because of my foot and
Three: because I wanted to kick road!
As I was stretching, Graydon ran up to me and wrote on my arm the same thing as he wrote the last marathon that I ran.
Run Mama, Run!!
Total inspiration right there.
Todd and Graydon had to leave because once the gun went off, there was no way of them getting out of the town to be able to see me at different mile marks. We had made plans to meet up at certain points during the race and I was looking forward to seeing them.
So I continued to stretch until I heard the announcement that the race was starting in 10 minutes. I headed to the start to get my place in the pack. I tried at that point to pick the time that I really wanted to run it in. Something kept edging me towards a really fast time. Like completing the marathon in Boston qualifying time. I then walked out of the group so I could see if any of my friends were around. I did manage to see Stephen of NeverHomeMakers
but unfortunately did not see anyone else. I ran up to Stephen and wished him an awesome race....Mr. Fasty was right at the starting line.
I started off wearing shorts, gloves, tank and then a long sleeved shirt over it. I knew I was going to get warm but I also knew I would see Graydon and Todd so I could throw it to them.
The gun went off...
the watch set...
the i-pod on...
and I was on my way.
I felt incredible!!!!
Seriously, incredible...
The best feeling running I have ever felt in my life. No pain, legs smooth and steady, heart rate perfect. This continued until I saw Todd and Graydon at mile 9. Todd at that point informed me that I was on pace for qualifying for Boston. What???? Wow!
See Boston Marathon would be such an accomplishment to not only get in, to qualify! Not that lottery stuff that I tried before and didn't get in but to actually qualify!!! I would LOVE it if I got in....but as fate has it, the cards were not dealt in my favor that day!
At mile 11...oh mile 11. It all went to hell.
Water break...
people everywhere...
kids everywhere...
I had planned on running through the water station because I was feeling sooooo awesome. I was running on the left side of the road at that point and saw the people handing out water. I just kept on going until a little girl, with her hands full of paper cups, walked out in front of me. I side stepped to the left, she stopped and stepped back, I side stepped to my right and pulled my right hamstring.
I went down life a lump. Total drama I have to say!!! As I was down I immediately started stretching my leg. A woman came up to me to see if I was okay. I informed her politely but sternly that it was so unsafe to have children walking around. She apologized but the mom of the little girl looked at me and never said she was sorry. It wasn't the little girls fault but you know what, the mom should have owned saying she was sorry.
My Boston dream went to the trash that day...sure I could do a lottery, but to actually qualify would have made my day, week, year for that matter.
So I started back running determined to not let it bother did. Every 1/2 mile I stopped to stretch it. Every mile that went by took longer and longer to run..
By this point in the photo and race. I was miserable. Hating life and everything about it at THAT time! I pushed myself to the limit that day. Struggled with the demons that possess you while doing long runs. I talked to myself, a lot during those miles. Telling myself I could and would finish this race....
By mile 19-22 I was spent. My leg was killing me, but I continued to carry on. I kept playing the same song over and over again for helped immensely. It is a wonder how music really enters your head and changes your thought process and your mood. I was living off of that music that day! Thank you i-pod for carrying me through some really dark minutes and hours. Also a thank you goes out to my friend for giving me tons of suggestions on music!!! It helped soooo much and I greatly appreciate it! Love that you did it too!
So...periodically through the race I would run into Todd and Graydon and they would send out words of encouragement, hand me bottles of Gatorade and water and just to know that they were there in support of me made the world of difference. My kiddos smiling face gave me the motivation to continue through.
By mile 22 I tried hard to pick it up. I knew I wanted to make up some time. I was on track to finish at 4:30 and I was bound and determined to beat that time. Here it is, over 35 minutes from where I was originally going to finish. I was bummed seriously but I wanted that medal!!! I rounded the corner 1/2-3/4 mile away from the finish and my right leg just quit. I mean stop in my tracks dead quit!. It had folded under me and I grabbed a bench as I went down. A lady who was working the race came running over to me and gave me the best pep talk ever. She said
" Get up, you can do it...the race is almost over, right down the road people are cheering for you. Put a good powerful song in AND GO".
Well I did just dramatic as it sounds. I switched to "Machine Head" by Bush, kicked it in and off I went....

Dying is the only word that comes to mind here. I saw Todd and then I saw Graydon and that awesome kiddo of mine took all of these photos. He sprinted to the finish line to try and get me crossing the line.

So I crossed the finish line under 4:30, hurt hamstring and all. I was so happy I did not give up...misery and all. Was it smart to keep running with a pulled hammy...most likely not. But see, I am Italian and once something gets in out heads, forgetaboutit!

After crossing the finish, they wrap you in a plastic metal blanket because your body has just been through something so extreme that stopping abruptly causes a huge amount of heat to be lost. I received my handmade glass medal and I tried to smile. Really I tried and in the end I did. It was just so hard with the pain I was in plus losing the pace I was at.

I did brush it aside, you win some and you loose some. There can always be a next time.

But close.

I was able to eat a little after the race which is really hard to do for me. Soup is always a plus after a long race. It puts the salt and warmth back into your body. I inhaled 3 cups of the soup and had a bottle of water. The race coordinators were kind enough to have physical therapists there treating people. I got this awesome guy to dig into my sweaty hamstring and start the healing process. I swear...if I didn't do it, I wouldn't have healed as fast as I did. So a HUMONGOUS thank you to that therapist dude!!!

I am so happy to have completed my second full marathon.
I got a tattoo before this particular race to commemorate both of the races...
I finished...I'm done until the next one...
which btw was last Sunday up in Fabius, New York. I ran a 1/2 marathon with my friend Ashley just 7 days after my full marathon.
Crazy...why yes, yes I am.

But I felt awesome and came in 3rd in my age category!!
Give a whoop for this chick!!!

where do I go from here?
Only more and more races!!!

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Nicki said...

Daniele - Congrats on finishing! I was there on the bridge. And seeing the photo of them working on your leg, I saw you but didn't realize it was you. I am going back through my photos now to see if I have any of you.