Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thursday Tattoo Day!

So I am getting a little ahead of my self with the first photo. But I will recap an awesome day I had with my gal-pal Nancy of The RoundRabbit on September 30th!

We had decided to head off to Ithaca for the day after much conversation regarding my interest in a large tattoo. Nancy has a friend that owns a tattoo shop and I was intrigued in having a consult with him for something I had been wanting for a very long time. We headed up during a horrible rain storm, the worst of the year. It wasn't too terribly bad on the way up but coming home was a whole other story.


Once we arrived into Ithaca we found a place to park on the street and headed to friend of hers antiques shop where we found many, many treasures. Nancy loaded up on vintage photos and buttons, while I scored an awesome sterling silver ring (which needs a little work) as well as an adorable photo of a little girl and some cute quirky stuff!!! We headed over to Moosewood (a vegetarian and vegan) Restaurant after for an incredible lunch which included Ithaca Pale Ale, Portabella Mushroom Burger with homemade chips. Holy smokes!!! Delicious!!! Nan and I were in 7th heaven with that meal. I think we could have stayed there all day and would have been content to do so.


After lunch we ventured over to see her friend James of Model Citizen. A cute little coffee shop out front with an awesome tattoo shop out back. He ended up having a large cancellation so Nancy was in luck. She had planned on having a memorial tattoo for her Grandmother who recently passed away...her Grandmother was a famous illustrator and Nancy picked the most incredible bird that her grandmother had drawn. James started in, music blasting and we all had good conversation, although they were picking on me about a few things! All in fun!
It was a great atmosphere and I am really, really looking forward to having James complete a masterpiece on me soon!

Nancy's incredible bird....
So while Nan was getting her tat, I had asked James if he had time to whip one up for me. After completing the marathon last year, I wanted to commemorate it by doing a tattoo on my arch of my left foot. He had talked me out of that because of the amount of running that I do, he said it would most likely rub right off. Sooo, I opted for a place where I could see it.

I already have one on my inside of my right wrist so James positioned it along side it running down my arm. I just love it...
And I got it three days before I completed my 2nd full marathon (more about that later).

So long story short...
Great day
with a
Great Friend
Great Tattoos!!
Thanks Nancy...can't wait for the next one!!
(p.s. hurry James!)

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