Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Itchin' Twitchin'

Boy my hands are just itchin' to create right now.
As previously posted, I have started to work in porcelain clay and am loving the outcome. I just picked these little beauties up from the studio this morning and I am very pleased with how this adorable bunny design turned out. Just in time for Easter too!! I will hopefully have a berry wine color if the glaze isn't too picky...maybe even a light pink!! I do have to say that I am starting to put my rubber stamp collection into good use!!

A new color the studio has just introduced...Blueberry!! Just look at the earring dangling off the rim!! The earrings are from MetalsNGems. All of these will be listed tomorrow morning if you are interested in them.

I even created them in white too!!

What's this you might ask...well it's a lot of goodies that I collected to create a one of a kind necklace for myself. My head is just brimming with fun stuff and mama needs some new BLING!!!

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The French Bear said...

Hello, I was looking at your blog, the story of the nutter butters made me chuckle, we can't buy them in Canada, I have a friend send them to us!
I absolutely love love pottery designs, I was amazed at the detail you put into the carving, beautiful work!
Margaret B