Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tree Tapping

I picked up a cheap book from our local Agway that gives you step by step instructions on tapping trees and making syrup. Pretty self explanatory but I needed to read it anyways. I purchased two white taps that were about $1.12 and used some plastic milk jugs that we were recycling. The thing with this is, is that out of two gallons of syrup I think you only get 1/2 cup- 1 cup of syrup. Pretty time consuming but at least it's worth a try!!
The day was absolutely gorgeous out today so this afternoon we decided to give it a go. First thing first, drill the hole at a slight angle up...I guess this gives it better flow.

Then Graydon cleaned the hole out before we stuck the tap in. At this point the sap was flowing out of the hole already!!
Todd tapped the spout in and it started flowing pretty good...
After about a 1/2 hour we started having an accumulation in the bottom of the jug. Can't wait to see how much there will be in the morning!

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Susan said...

Mark's been talking about this for 2 weeks now - let us know if it's better than Aunt Jemima Lite!