Friday, March 6, 2009

A Week in Review

Here is my week in review in photos...
I was very pleased with the gas kiln firing and was able to retrieve lots of great pottery from this firing. In the above photo is one of my newest creations (within the last year) called conversation blocks. They can be displayed individually or together to create different word phrases. A very popular seller as I have sold out of all of them that I have had at craft shows. They even have small bits of clay on the inside to make them a rattle. Each has a different pattern on the sides and come in a great stain color.
Spoon holder anyone???
A favorite glaze combination of verdigris and deep blood red!

Are you ready for spring yet???
If so, you gotta have one of these berry bowls. Another favorite color, spodumne with a hint of red on the rim.

Thursday morning I glanced out the front window to see these deer enjoying the mild temperature and warm sun. It must have been a sight to in my pj's crouched down taking this photo...
I love deer...can I have one as a pet???

And last but not least...snowdrops.
The first flower of Spring!

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Stephanie said...

Your pieces are BEAUTIFUL. I'm sure you get that all the time. I just had to say it since I just found your blog today. Love the Nutter Butter Story too :)