Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sap to Syrup

Well I did it!!! I just made maple syrup from the sap I have been collecting all week long. Due to a low temperature and lack of time, today is finally it. Throughout the week I collected from two trees 2 gallons of sap. While you might all think that is a lot, let me just tell you it is not!!! Two gallons of sap turned into 3/4 cup of syrup but say, I will be enjoying it tomorrow morning on homemade waffles or pancakes!!!


The above photo was obviously taken before the process. The canning jar on the left was crystal clear sap while the jar on the right was slightly yellowish in color. No biggie, just sap from two different trees but it did make me wonder a bit.

The start of the process...note time 4:00PM (it says it takes 8 hours to complete)

1. Large Pot

2. 2 gallons of sap

3. Hood vent ON

4. Crank the baby up to high and let her go!

About half way through...notice the color has now changed and the amount also by half.

Three quarters of the way through...changed to smaller pot and color has deepened.


3/4 cups of goodness!! Note time:


I've always done things fast!! Who wants to watch a pot boil!
Graydon has a friend spending the night tonight and he will be enjoying breakfast with us tomorrow...I almost can't wait!

On another note, I started my seeds today...maybe a week later than I should have but I needed to clean off my rack that has all my grow lights. It has been a couple of years since I have started seeds and last year made me sad not to have any home grown plants. So today I planted 3 different varieties of tomatoes, black-eyed susan vine (one of my favs), coleus and 2 different types of marigolds for my veggie garden (helps keep critters out and adds color too ;} ). Tomorrow I need to get more soil and plant more and more!!


Here is a trick for all you seed starters (Nancy):

take cheap mini blinds and cut them up to create
inexpensive labels!!!

I also finished my necklace yesterday afternoon. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out and tomorrow I'll post a pic of it since I forgot to take one with me all blinged out. Now I just need the ring I saw at "Tom's" to add to my collection.
On another note my hubby and I went to a benefit yesterday afternoon for a girl my sister knows and Todd also plays soccer against her in his league. It is an amazing story so check her out here . The benefit was incredible! So many people came out in support for her and her family. There was gift baskets, raffles and silent auctions galore. The "Team" that organized it all did such a FANTASTIC job creating it, they should be so proud. I can't wait to meet her some day, she really truly is an inspiration!!


Round Rabbit said...

Too funny - we must have been planting seeds at the same time! I use popsicle sticks to label mine. :)

Susan said...

Mark and I decided we're going to attempt a few garden plants this year - cucumbers, tomotoes, not sure what else... I can't wait! And by the sound of things, we're late! Have a good week.