Monday, July 6, 2009

The Flight of the Blue Angels

The good old 4th of July was something to remember. First the day started off with me running a 5K in Montrose, PA for the first time in a very long time. It was fun and very hilly. At one point I thought that we were never going to come back down from going up all those hills. I did well considering the knee, which I might add had been feeling very well (knock on wood).
There were I think about 400-500 runners, some doing the 10K and some the 5K. When the race started, nobody was saying a word and the pitter patter of all the runners shoes was pretty cool to hear. That lasted until the first hill and then people started talking to one another around me...which also was a little weird. I typically try not to talk when running (unless I'm bs-ing with my running partner) because it screws up my breathing. I'm also not too sure how many people were in my race but I will not tell you my time, even though I was happy with it.
After the race, I raced home, made a pasta salad and off to our annual air show party at friends house. A twist happened this year, we had to evacuate during the Blue Angels show. So they bussed us up to the Air Show at the airport, gave us free tickets and then my sweet taking husband weaseled our way into the VIP area. The above photo is of Graydon waving to the pilots before they took off. Each had their own way of saluting the crowd. The thing that was so impressive with these guys is their precision. Not only in flying but their ground work also.
It was such an amazing site to see especially on the 4th of July. We had a primo location for photographs and both Todd and Mr. Ellis were my eyes for helping me take these great shots.

Two planes right side, two planes upside down!!

Only 18 inches apart doing about 400-600 mph!!!

Graydon had so much fun watching them...we did too!!
What a 4th to remember!!

On another note...FOOD!!
I picked some peas from my in-laws garden while they are gone. So Sunday night we had a delicious dinner. I made salmon cakes (like crab cakes), homemade tartar sauce, fresh peas from the garden and rice pilaf.
The cakes were pretty easy but a little time consuming. You can find the recipe in this months Martha Stewart mini magazine. You know the food one...
I highly recommend these and coming from me who does not really care for cooked fish, these were GREAT!!

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Susan said...

Dani, Mark and I saw some of the planes flying over town and couldn't believe it! I was sure they would crash flying so close... amazing!