Saturday, June 27, 2009

Crazy Week

The last two weeks of school are always so crazy in this household. Between me working and then the end of the year festivities, simple things get pushed aside. Monday was a class picnic which I painted faces for 3 hours, this was crazy because by the end, my rear end was killing me from sitting on a picnic bench for those hours. A lot of the kids wanted curly mustaches and uni-brows. Not sure what that was about but OK. Then I had the little girls who wanted hearts with initials in them. Are they really thinking about that at this age???
Tuesday was a Country Fair which 2 of my friends and myself had a booth at. It was great to see all the kids one last time before the school year ended.
They even had a fire truck hosing the kids off at the end.
*** and PT.
Thursday...strawberry picking in the morning and then chiropractor appointment in the afternoon. The strawberry season is weird this year. Apparently the whole state is in some sort of berry shortage. The plants have been dying in the fields and the berries aren't as red as they usually are. But they are still sweet to eat and Graydon at I picked 8-1/2 pounds of them in about a 1/2 hour. I have been non-stop eating them the last two days. I'm not joking when I tell you I have eaten about 100 strawberries. Yummmm! I also made strawberry shortcake Thursday night and last night I made one batch of jam (8 jars). It is a little too sweet for me but Todd and Graydon love it.
I also have a bunch of new pottery listed on my etsy site. You can see it here .
Since last weeks Strawberry Fest was a totally wash out, I have a bunch of berry bowls to sell. I will be listing more items throughout the weekend. Stay tuned for berry bowls, sponge holders, welcome plaques and more.
Yesterday I went to the doctors about my knee and he gave me a clean bill of health to start back up running. So last night my running partner called and I told her the good news. This morning at 7:00 AM we were hitting the streets. We only ran 2.2 miles this morning and walked 1.1. I did a lot of stretching and the knee feels great. The orthotics are a different story. It actually felt good to run in them but my right heal is slipping a little bit, on top of I feel like I am 10' tall now. But it is totally worth it!! No pain!!! Yea me! Now let's keep on this road!!!

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Susan said...

Back?? Now Knee??? Holy crap Dani...glad to hear you feeling better. I'm feeling good if I can run to my mailbox and back!

Life is too busy, so I am attempting to play catch up with blog world today. On vacation for work, and this is what I choose to do??? Funny.