Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday's Pets

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love animals. I have quite the menagerie of all sorts of animals and any new ones that pop into the yard are always welcomed...except spiders.
Stitchie has been a regular on this blog and I just had to capture this photo of him lounging on our sofa. He happened to have woken up from his little nap when I caught him in the act of yawning, big!
Which brings me to my new photo post of Benji.
He is our neighbors cat and he has been on the roam daily. He frequents our property in search of that perfect catch. We have any agreement between the two of chippies and no chickens. Hopefully he keeps his end of the bargain!
He is quite the lover...he is constantly talking to us and the motor is always running.

A cats dream....lots of green to roam!
And now here is one of the two little chipmunks that I have been feeding. Every morning I give them a piece of my banana and within 5 minutes it is gone. They are so comical to watch and my hopes are that they decide to stay safe and not cross the road. Also we are going to try and get them a little tame...the banana is helping but we'll see.

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