Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finished Bird Vase

Well, here is the finished bird vase. I really love how it turned out. Graydon refuses to let me sell it so I think when I am able to throw again (hopefully soon) I will be making another.

My latest project while recuperating is this tattoo pottery. I threw these pieces using low fire clay, trimmed them and then did some vintage style tattoo designs on them. Yes I hand painted each one. I love them and I don't want to get rid of them but I can always make more... I think!

While browsing the web for an idea for a new tattoo design (shhh, on me) I came across this one website that had amazing designs. I love koi, stars and cherry blossoms... so this is the result. Todd thinks I should go to a local Harley place and also where I got my tattoo done to see if they would like to have these in their shops. I think I need to get quite the inventory before I do that. There might be a market for it...what do you think?

*** update...well surgery was a week ago today and today is the first REAL day I feel good. Hopefully this is a good sign and I am well on my way to feeling better. I really didn't think it would take this long but all in all I am glad it is over and I am dying to throw. I go to the doctors for a follow up on Tuesday and hopefully he will give me the go ahead to have my life back.

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