Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trying...sort of!

Since I got the OK from the doctor to start doing things (in limitation), I have been trying to get some things accomplished. Yesterday I WAS suppose to work althought the dog decided to break her cable line outside and take off on me while Graydon was getting on the bus. So a chase began...around the neighbors house, down the road, through our field and finally behind the barn. For a good half of an hour she played me. I had all I could do not to throw up my hands and walk away from her but that is just not me. So I lured her with the goats and she finally tired and I caught the end of the cable. Restrain, restrain, restrain... not to scream at her. I brought her into the house and ignored her all day. She was very upset that I ignored her but it was better than the alternative.

During my little romp through the weeds I started to experience some pain in my stomach, thinking that it was me being out of shape I didn't really think too much until I got into the house. I think something happened to me while running...I guess when they say to take it easy they really mean it. Well, I did for the most part for the rest of the day. I did manage to run my kiln and make dinner but that is about it.

Today, I feel much better and I am off to work and then to run some errands. I want to get the postcards made up today to mail out tomorrow for the art show in the little house. Other than that...well see how I feel this afternoon...BUT all in all I am on the mend and itching to get back in the full swing of life!!

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