Sunday, April 13, 2008

Plastic Bottles

Bottled water is getting its name dragged through the mud.
A study published in the August 2005 issue of the journal Environmental Health Perspectives found that the level of plastic molecules leaching into food and beverage containers—and accumulating in our bodies—was higher than previously thought. In fact, they were higher than equivalent levels in rats that impaired their brain chemistry, reproductive functions, and immune systems.

So I found this great cartoon online yesterday (and for all of you, I love the WOZ) so I thought I would give a post about plastic. I have known for sometime that plastic bottle SHOULD NOT be reused but I did anyways. When I work, I drink tons and tons of water so having several of those throw away/recycle bottles was very convenient. UNTIL...and I mean UNTIL I had a polar spring bottle and a aquafina bottle. I filled both of them up from my GREAT well water and took them to work. I opened the polar spring one and took a sip and it tasted terrible. I mean plastic-y and TERRIBLE. The aquafina one was alright.

Well is just happened to be that the following week my friend Michelle and I went to Syracuse Mall and went to Pottery Barn. They were selling metal water bottles. So I bought one and now that is all I use. I really try not to buy water out but it is kind of hard not too when your so thirsty. So the moral of this story is...check the number on your water bottle and do not reuse them especially do not freeze the water and use.

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