Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Well, I have been a little quiet lately. Sorry for all of you who keep tabs on me. I just have been plugging away at things. I have made several purses, wallets and keychains...all matching. They turned out really nice. Also, I have been making some more clocks. One is on the drying stage and a couple are in the creating stage.

I am trying to wrap up some loose ends and get the house all tidy because tomorrow I am going in for some minor surgery. Hopefully the recovery period is only a couple of days but I have some projects I can do while I am laying around.

I will be picking up the bird vase tonight during class so I will make sure I post a few pics tomorrow. I can't wait to see it!! I hope it turned out good. Graydon asked if I was going to sell it and I told him I wasn't sure. He then told me that he wants me to keep it. I think deep down he appreciate my work.

Do I have a future starving artist??? Most likely not, but he does like to make things with me. I hope he will keep art as a secondary things and pursue something that will make him happy.


Sara said...

Like the blog. Hope the shop works out for you. The donkey hair clock is awesome!

Round Rabbit said...

Good luck tomorrow! If you need anything just let me know!