Friday, June 6, 2008

Busy, Busy and more Busy!!

Wednesday night was spent cutting individual flowers for the Garden Clubs annual flower show. I was asked to do an arrangement featuring the theme of "Boo at the Zoo". Boo at the Zoo is an event that takes place close to Halloween. We personally have not gone but this is my idea for it. The marbled brown and white vase (I made) resembles a tiger and the flowers, branches and leaves are a little on the scary side.
Who doesn't love these blood red/purple (the color was more red) calla lilies? The twiggy things are called Kangaroo Paws...fitting for the zoo huh?
This photo op is such a treat. Today we went to a Law Firm in downtown Binghamton to set up for First Friday. First Friday is an event in downtown Binghamton that features many different artists. This particular firm asked for a select few from the pottery studio to display their work during their grand opening for their firm. When we got there and started to unpack everything, a very nice older gentleman told me about the falcons that were roosting on the next building. Thankfully I had my camera and caught glimpses of the new babies. So fuzzy and cute!!
A zoomed in photo of the beautiful falcons. When I went out to my car to put some more money in the meter, one was circling over head. A incredible sight to see.
You can just pin point them in the very top of the building just before the yellow corners...
can you see them??
A view you don't get a chance to see everyday. The courthouse's peak...normally you have to crane your neck to see it but being on the 12th floor was great. Up close and personal!
My pottery displayed on one of the window sills with a beautiful backdrop. How luck am I?? Now lets just hope stuff sells!!
Fingers crossed...please!
A close up pick of just a couple of pieces I put in the opening. Not very many but just a
little sampler.
My friend Nancys work. Her pottery in on the right side of the credenza. Her beautiful necklaces and pottery were framed by a large peace lily. Check out her work at ...

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