Tuesday, June 24, 2008


OK, I admit!! I am a complete hoarder. I have saved stuff throughout my life and now I find myself completely engorged with "THINGS". Big things, little things, crafty things, boy things, toys things, book things...JUST THINGS!!! Stuff and more stuff is filling my life and I feel like I am in a need for an overhaul. I am not bad as those people you see on TV where you can't find their bed because of clothes and stuff is all over it or there is a tiny path throughout their house because newspapers and magazines are piled to the ceiling.

So, what do you say??? Why yes, I am getting rid of STUFF and THINGS!!! This Friday and Saturday from 8-5, my life will be consumed with a garage sale. I have been in our barn or shall I say the staging area for a while now, sorting, pricing and organizing. I do hope we will have GREAT WEATHER for it. Did you hear that Mother Nature!!

I have even saved all of Graydons stuff from when he was a baby. It makes me sad to go through it because he is getting so old. 9 is creeping right around the corner!! He and his friend Brad are in the other room right now playing on the PS2. Their laughter is cracking ME up!!

Well, needless to say I am embarrassed by the pile of stuff I have to sell. I was going to take a pic of it but.....we'll see. Maybe I'll post one or maybe you can just use your imagination. Anyways it's as bad as you think :)

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