Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Great Grandma Girello

Here she is, my Great Grandma Girello. I found the photo before I left so I scanned it while I was gone. I remember the lemon cookies with sprinkles she made, delicious Easter bread that I try to make every year but for some reason it just doesn't taste the same, vats of pasta for dinner, and her Eagle soda pop that she use to go downstairs in the cellar to get every time we came over. Every flavor from orange (my favorite) to lemon lime, grape, etc. Funny thing is, right now in my basement is an empty bottle on my shelf. I think it came with the house but when I head to the basement to make pottery, I look on the shelf and see it and remember her. She was amazing at pretty much everything. She could pick up a crochet hook and make anything!! I have a beautiful doily on my kitchen island she made, along with a Christmas stocking for Graydon.

So, thank you Grandma Girello for fond memories I have of you!!

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lindseydl said...

Thank you for posting this! It's so nice to see her again. :o) I remember the taste of those cookies so clearly. Mmm...