Saturday, December 6, 2008

OK, so one year ago today I was featured on the Martha Stewart Show regarding me little chickens. I had been to the show on Halloween and gave the producers a photo of my chicken "Martha" dressed up like one and only Martha Stewart. I'll try and find that photo to post.
Well, they just thought that was a hoot so the producer Vaia called me and we did a phone conversation with the one and only Martha Stewart. I was incredibly nervous to talk to her so I really don't sound like myself on air. It was fun and I got my 5 minutes of fame in. Now if I could only really get on her show and show her a thing or two. Wouldn't that be something!!


Lorelei said...

how cool!
my mom is a Chicken farmer. She has about 20. Poor things are probably freezing right now.
They are all my mother's pets though. She raised them from babies and they all have names and fun personalities. Chickens are fun to photograph too. :)

Dani said...

I love my girls!!! I had 4 aracaunas which lay the light green and light blue colored eggs. Their names are Martha, Dorothy, Pidgie and Mudkip. One of the since has died but I would love to get more!

I know what you mean about pets. I got them when they were 3 days old and they follow me around the yard and talk to me when I talk to them...very cute!!