Thursday, December 18, 2008

Flippity Flop...
That is the current mind set right now. I guess you could say that is my attitude, creativity, and thought process (is that attitude?). Well anyways, my last post leaves me to believe that I just need to say NO more often. There are things in life that you must do as in pay taxes and try to have good Karma, BUT in the meantime you do not need to overachieve, and that is where I am falling into line. I love to create beautiful things for people and see the smiles on their faces BUT deep down I am not smiling while creating because of the time crunch. Don't get me wrong as I said in my profile, I was put here on Earth to create with my hands but is this time of the year correct for doing it?
I am plugging away at last minute orders...hopefully all will be done by tomorrow. As for the other things I have to do, this weekend is going to be busy!!!
Happy Thursday all....

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