Wednesday, October 22, 2008

17-1/2 hours and counting for the barn sale....


It is all coming together nicely even though none of my pottery is priced, the check out table is not set up, change is not had for the register, cider is not bought for a free "HOT" drinks, weather is cold and sleep...what's that?


So the 4th annual barn sale is under full swing. I will be taking photos of what the barn looks like so you all out of towners can see what I have been doing every year. This years contributors are

  1. Michelle (jewelery and other)
  2. Mimi (antiques and bric a brac)
  3. Chris (primitive)
  4. Sue (glass)
  5. Pam (knitted felted pumpkins etc.)
  6. Shea, Ahne and D'Lynn (earrings)
  7. Maria (soap)
  8. Linda (knitted and other)
  9. me (pottery and etc.)


Pretty darn good if I say so myself!

1 comment:

Lorelei said...

I wish I could make it down for your big barn sale. darn!!
Hope it's great!