Thursday, October 2, 2008

So today has been the first day I have been home the WHOLE day in quite a while. After Graydon got onto the bus I proceeded in making myself another, yes another small pot of coffee and heading to the basement to throw. I ended up doing fairly well despite the lack of throwing I have been doing lately. Of course it is crunch time again, that is what we "artists" do. Wait til the last minute for everything, actually that is in my libra-ness. Is that even a word?
Any-who, I did end up making a small colander and a bunch of smaller low pots for a project I am working on. I got an idea from someone else and I am clay stealing from them. I will not post them on esty as this person is on there and out of respect I feel it is only fair. I will show them here when they are completed and if anyone here wants one, just convo me.
You'll just have to wait and see!! They are going to be cute!
So, I'm off to pick Graydon up from school and then later tonight, back to school for open house. Hopefully the basement will be beckoning me to visit again tonight.
My hands are just itching to throw more.

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