Thursday, October 16, 2008

This is our friend the llama. Graydon and I have been going out to this farm near us to visit all the animals. The first time we went, this llama was pacing the fence. Knowing what llamas can do (spit, yuck!) I sort of staying my distance from him.
Here is Graydon feeding the animals with his cup of food.
He sparingly gave each one food.

Isn't this sheep so cute.

He/she is a miniature sheep and it has 4 horns.

Two that go straight up and two that curl around.

They're for sale.......:)

So back to our llama friend. So after staying my distance from him I decided to venture closer. And closer and closer yet. This adorable llama kept putting his nose on mine and just staring at me. He wouldn't do it with Graydon and forget about Todd, he was definitely staying his distance. Knowing me I just had to get a pic of it and Graydon did a great job taking it.

I was in the kitchen this morning and heard all this noise outside. I grabbed the camera and shot this photo of all the starlings flying over our house.

Hundreds of them....can you imagine if they all pooped at once. :)

So here is some fall pics of trees near our house.
This one was taken this past weekend,
which was gorgeous I might add.

And this one was taken this morning.

It is raining out and the leaves look so vibrant.

Say goodbye to the leaves Upstate New York.

They are going fast!

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Vickie said...

Love the llama pictures! We just added llamas to our farm and adore their inquisitive personalities. Hope you continue to enjoy your neighbor's llama. :-)
Dawn of Promise Farm
Battle Ground, IN