Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween to all you blogger friends!
If you can't tell, Graydon is Yoda this year!!
Last night we carved our pumpkins and ate yummy apple squares my in-laws brought up. YUMMO! Tonight we are on our way out to visit some people and then off to friends for some tricks and treats!

I thought I would try and take a self portrait today wearing my friend Nancy's beautiful bat she had given to me. I love it and you can view her work at Stop by and check her out! Thanks Nancy for my bat!!!


Round Rabbit said...

What a lovely portrait! And you wear the bat so well. :) How was your sale? I want to see photos!

Dani said...

Gee thanks Nancy, I took inspiration from you! You always take gorgeous photos!

Sale was was not. I think resession has scared people. I'll try and post pics this weekend.

Aunt Diane said...

Graydon made a great the costume! And what a cool photo of you; nice job.