Friday, January 2, 2009

I have been slightly absent for a while (too long I might add) and I apologize. It seems like Christmas hits me full force and leaves me no time! I promise that the new year will bring more blogging, more art and more life in general!!
I thought I might share some photos of the past couple of weeks. Thank goodness for digital cameras! The top photo was a batch of cookies I made for my sister and her family when they came to make our annual pasta for Christmas Eve dinner. The above photo shows just a scant of the pasta we made during the day. I think the total was 5-1/2 pounds for Christmas Eve dinner and 1-1/2 pounds for dinner that night. Everyone loves the pasta...especially my family! I made a batch for New Years Eve dinner....yummm!!

While making the pasta, the kids made reindeer food for Christmas Eve. Every Christmas Eve they head out side for some "sprinkling" of the food! Note to not let them make it next year WHILE we are making the pasta! Glitter was everywhere, but as you can tell, they had a ton of fun!
Christmas tree hunting was a little late this year. We ended up at the "fat" tree farm and had to top a tree. No, the tree farm is not called Fat Tree but it just goes to show you what the trees looked like. Very, very large!! But I do have to say our tree is so pretty and it smelled GREAT too! I think next year I might try a live tree and then plant it. Better for the environment.

Lots of handmade ornaments for the tree this year. I tend to like them more than the store bought ones.
Our barn adorned with a huge wreath for the door.

I think this is Graydons favorite present this year!!

Callie even go festive for the month of December wearing her little collar.

And finally....
Steve, Shea, Ahne, D'Lynn, Graydon, Me and Todd


Lorelei said...

Welcome back!
Thanks for sharing your christmas pictures with us! I think you're right about G's favorite present!! :)

Dani said...

Thanks Lorelei...glad to be back!!

Susan said...

Great PICS!!! OMG...and the pasta and peanut blossoms are making me drool - I'm way jealous. The best we did with homemade cooking and baking was a half tray of sugar cookies (other half burned to the baking tray) and a ham. Pretty damn simple. Anyway, good to hear your holidays went well.