Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gardening Frustration

So I am not 100% sure what exactly decided to take my vegetable garden and use it for their dinner but whatever it is ,(deer, chipmunk, rabbit, crow) they are in serious trouble. Yesterday I went out to the garden and everything was fine, today, not so much. Cucumbers, some tomato plants, pumpkins, squash, corn, sunflowers, beans and peppers...PRETTY MUCH ALL GONE!!
What's a girl to do? I guess I have to go and buy all new plants...and considering I started almost everything from seed, it's money down the pooper, literally. I will have to be like those old fashioned gardeners who have tin pans on each of the fence posts or maybe I'll just have the guys pee around the perimeter of the garden...(no, not in it)!
Tomorrow will be a trip to Lowe's, Painted Daisy or Agway!!! Ugh!


Michelle said...

All that work!! A waskally wabbit perhaps or maybe those innocent looking deer... Anyway, I still have those tomato plants you gave me the other day if you want them back. I got a few more from Nanticoke Gardens when I was there so I'll still be okay.

The French Bear said...

Deer, you have to put the string and can thingy around it, or fence it in with small chain link, so the wabbits can't get in. Oh dear!
Margaret B

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I am so sorry to hear about your garden. You have such lovely hopes and then have them taken away. I wish many blessings on your new crop of plants.

Dani said...

Thanks all for those nice words. I guess that is what livin' in the country does for you.

We spent a ton of money on a fence and etc....anf like my husband said, this is turning into the $30,000 (not really) veggie garden.

So much for being frugel.

Diane said...

Awww...sorry to hear about your vegetables. Have you ever tried Liquid Fence? Melinda tipped me off to it last year after the deer/rabbits/whatever hit our garden and ate all the swiss chard, cucumber vines, tomato plants, even the begonias. We bought the Liquid Fence at Agway and it really worked. Stinks to high heaven but does the trick.