Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Slacker of the Blog Too!!

So my friend Nancy may have me beat for the slacker of the blog lately. I have been so busy working, working and more working, so it seems like this has been low on the totum pole. Oh by the way Nancy, sorry I called you out on this one :)
I have been feeling really healthy lately so I guess I am making up for lost time. Between outside the home work, my fingers have been really busy creating. I have been so graciously invited to participate in a lawn show on June 20th by Nancy of RoundRabbit. It is the day of the Owego Strawberry Fest and her house is right near the action. I have been making berry bowls galore...in all sizes too! Amongst the bowls, bird feeders are a new addition to my pottery line. Stay tuned for some photos of them in action!
And speaking of action...from my computer I can see up close and personal all the birds that frequent my feeder. This morning was so adorable. This little adult house sparrow on the right was feeding his babies. There ended up being a total of 3 babies that were begging for food, following this parent around. I felt so bad for the parent, he couldn't even have one bite himself before these three were bugging him. But I do have to say the babies were adorable!
Some people frown upon these birds, calling them a nuisance, but I happen to love them!

Check out my alliums in full bloom!
And one of my many irises I have. I do have to say that irises are one of my favorite flowers. I may even try to create a new variety myself!

This yellowy-orange is such a stunner in my flower bed!

Oh and guess what? I started harvesting some greens in my garden. Baby spinach, baby romaine and mixed greens galore. Good thing I eat a salad every day for lunch...
Yesterday was so yummy...I included some dill and basil leaves to the mix, along with some baby radishes. Now if I can only get the tomatoes to start producing we'll be all set!

Friday afternoon I picked up my nieces, Shea and Ahne to spend the night. The next morning we were outside playing when they discovered this yellow swallowtail butterfly hanging out on my pink lilac. The girls were so excited and followed this butterfly around the yard.
Can you say hello to summer?

And here is the clan of kids...
Shea, Graydon and Ahne!


Lorelei said...

Hey Dani! Do you happen to know the dates for the strawberry fest! I wanna come down and see you and nancy and maybe get myself a berry bowl...

Susan said...

I have "alliums"??? I called them pom poms!! Ours are just about to open - I can't wait.

Glad you are feeling healty Dani. And what great pics - love the kids!

Dani said...

Hi Girls...Lorelei and Susan!

Thanks for the messages...

Lorelei, the Strawberry Fest is June 20th from 10-4 (I think those are the times). Hope to finally meet you in person!

Sue, alliums are a part of the onion/garlic family. Just to give you a little info...I'm seriously not being a wise-ass ;) Would this be at the new or old house??? If you ever want any plants, I have tons I can divide!