Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh so blue...

Living up here where we do, gives me great pleasure in viewing all the wildlife. From birds to deer to bears (yes, bears) and porcupines to everything else you can imagine. Sunday night we were eating dinner on our patio when Todd told me that there was a bluebird on one of our posts grooming himself. Well I grabbed the camera which was nearby and slowly walked over to the bird. He took off to the power line but then a car scared him back my way and to my luck, he landed right where I was standing. On the top of our flagpole.
His coloring is so beautiful...

Then yesterday I was in our office on the computer, when I looked out my window to see these scruffy baby bluebirds. The mom and dad kept flying over to feed them while I was watching...

This is a same view of the bird feeder but from our bedroom.
These guys hung out for most of the early morning.
I ventured out to my veggie garden holding my breath the whole way there in fears that the crows pulled my plants out again...but yea!!, they didn't and it is starting to thrive! Once the sun is back out I will take some photos for all of you to see. I counted my tomato plants and oh boy, I have over 24 of them!! Canning here I come!!!
But while I was out in the garden I had a wonderful surprise. The baby chipping sparrows and their parents were popping in and out of the garden getting bugs to eat!
I was so happy to see all of them again.
On to the creative news. I have been slowly trying to get ready for the Strawberry Festival this Saturday in Owego, NY. Here are some of my treasures I unloaded from the kiln yesterday. The larger bowls are already spoken for but I will have these cute little berry bowls for sale. I glazed two more plus some welcome signs and bird feeders yesterday.
Keep your fingers crossed for nice weather on Saturday!
Well, I'm off to shower and then to physical therapy. Today is the first day and boy do I hope they can help me. To let you all know, I have injured my knee and I am praying that it isn't something more than what they are telling me. So far they have diagnosed it as bursitis and tendinitis...but let me tell you, it's not a picnic. I have never felt knee pain like this before and although my right knee has always bothered me and I even had some minor surgery on it, this left knee is killing me. Keep good thoughts coming my way for a speedy recovery.
I'm tired of being injured!

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