Monday, June 8, 2009

Up Early

I was up bright and early this morning in hopes to be able to catch a bear on film last night. The night before last, we had a visitor here on the farm. Although he did not exactly ruin anything here, he did at my in-laws, which live directly behind us. Every bird feeder was mangled including the hummingbird feeders. We had borrowed a night camera from a friend in hopes to catch a critter that had been roaming our farm killing animals and leaving their bodies behind (we think a raccoon or coyotes), but to no luck we never caught it on film. Oh, not our animals....
We still had the camera, so Todd put it up at his parents house last night in hopes the bear would return for another meal. Seed was spread on the lawn, camera in position.....and
What a bummer...
Well, we'll try again tonight. In the meantime I will be working at the pottery studio this morning, putting my monthly hours in and then I am off to but more plants for the garden. Hopefully I can still find the plants I need to replace. And on top of that...deer scram and liquid fence will be spread along the perimeter of the fence. I will prevail!!

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