Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wedding Weekend!

Well the wedding weekend has come and gone. I finally feel like I have caught up on sleep. Friday was spent running some errands and picking Graydon up from school at 3:00. We came home, showered, changed our clothes and headed up to Ithaca for the rehearsal and dinner. The dinner was at Lost Dog in Ithaca. Very eclectic and chic place. We had the luxury of having a special area all to our selves. The two rooms were so cool...the main dining area had beautiful paintings on the wall, tables set by candle light and an awesome over sized couch with huge pillows to lounge on. The other area was the bar area, very cool with colorful chandeliers and artwork as well. I am just sorry I didn't take any photos of the place...
The next day started off early by making the table flower arrangements and trying to get to Ithaca at a reasonable time. Unfortunately Graydons tux coat did not fit and we had to make a stop in Vestal at Mens Wearhouse where they accommodated up by having a coat that fit him. We headed up to Ithaca via Owego and got to the lovely reception place by 11:30AM. We set the arrangements up and then headed to the hotel to get dressed. Thanks to Lee and Jill for letting us crash their room.
The wedding was so lovely. Lindsey looked like an angel walking down the aisle. John just beamed at her sight. My aunt and uncle proud as they can be and all the guest just smiling away at the happy couple. Graydon looked so cute in his tux. My little man!
The reception place was just so beautiful with the outdoor patio, gazebo, pond and view. What a great spot they found for their reception. La Tourelle is someplace I would like to visit again.
What a blast we had at the reception. The band was great singing their 70's music and the atmosphere wonderful!! I'll post more of the photos when I get them downloaded. I took about 600!
Congratulations Lindsey and John!!


johnwhite said...

Good looking family ;-)

Thanks for everything, Dani. You were a huge help in the whole weekend.


Dani said...

Thanks John, right back at ya! You and Lindsey were stunning!! We had so much fun!!! Thanks for including us.