Thursday, February 26, 2009


Oh Nancy...too kind you are!
Check out her blog to see what she has said about me and the swap! I stole this photo from her site to put in mine for this blog post. She did a great job showcasing her gorgeous earrings! You need to check out her etsy site...RoundRabbit, she has some incredible pieces in there.
Just like candy, you can't have just one!!
Today in another day at home...I crave these days when I can just spend the day here. I am such a homebody, I love my house, my animals and my people!!! I love puttering around and making headway in the organization that I am STILL currently doing. I also love the fact that I can create at home and do not have to drive anywhere to do it if I don't want too. Hopefully, just hopefully this afternoon I can get some pottery done. I was in the studio last night until about 9:00. I started a couple of things that I have up my sleeve so be sure to check back for the finished pieces.
One thing in particular is a combination of clay and gemstones....ooooooo!!!!
Well, gotta run. I have a ton of business tax stuff to do...our appointment is at 5 and yes I am a procrastinator!!! It doesn't help that I lost all my information when our computer crashed a couple months ago!!! Ugh!!


Lorelei said...

Hey Dani!
I want one of these earring "cups" too!!
Green would be pretty!

Debbie said...

Dani, I would like one too, like Nancy's just not as dark. It is so cool.

Dani said...

Hi guys...I'll be making more this week so check back and I'll let you all know when they will be posted.

Thanks sooo much for the inquiry!!