Sunday, February 15, 2009


The chair story...
Once upon a time there was this girl who really wanted a chair and ottoman in her living room. She looked high and low for the right kind of chair. Her mother-in-law has the perfect chair she so desires but to no avail it was completely out of her budget. The girl had even threatened to steal it while her in-laws were on one of their vacations...
Valentine's Day rolled around and the girl and her husband went to three different stores to find THE perfect chair. They were either uncomfortable, too squishy, too large, too long of a wait to order a chair, too crappy made...bummed out the girl in the very last store had a light bulb experience.
It had dawned on her that the perfect chair was sitting right under her nose and she had completely forgotten it. Up in the rafters of the barn sat a chair for years and years. Four years ago this girl had pulled the chair down by herself (and almost killed herself while doing it) and used it for a design element in her annual Barn Sales. Sure people had looked at this poor pathetic looking chair and even inquired about it but the girl refused to sell the chair. At one point it was even a bed for her stray barn cat who the girl knows enjoyed it.
Poor chair the girl thought...can I save it and turn it into a beautiful piece of furniture for the room? She asked her husband to bring the chair down from the barn and proceeded to scrub this chair with soap and water. Pail after pail of dirty water went down the sink and the girl began to see how beautiful the wood on this chair was...
Stay tuned for the continuation of this story


Needless to say this is what I will be up against this week amongst several other projects I have to do. I plan on recovering the seat with new batting, foam and material...which by the way the seat is out in the driveway airing out. I also think I need to put some kind of sealer on it because as much as I scrub I keep pulling out what I thought was dirt (it was in the beginning) but now I think it is old finish and stain. I even have the material in my stash of fabric to cover the seat. All I have to buy is the foam and batting, oh and fake leather if I plan on fixing the back. I think a nice comfy pillow for the back and were are in business!!! Yahoo!!! I even found an ottoman for $49.00 at Home Goods that should match...if not I'll recover that too!


Tomorrow we are off to New York City with some friends and their girls. It should be a GREAT time!! Graydon has been jonesing to go for a long time so I think we are going to hit the Museum of Natural History, Empire State Building, China Town and Little Italy. Maybe a few stores in between!! I'm sure I'll have stories to tell when we get home. Which also reminds me of our horrible Valentine's dinner story I need to share with you. It's a doozy!

That will be another post all in itself!

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Susan said...

Love the chair story...can't wait to see what comes of it. Those projects are always the most fun - and rewarding. Hope NYC was a blast and you all travel home safely!