Saturday, February 14, 2009


To all of you Cupid's out there...
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Today for me will be spent at the soccer dome for Graydon's tournament. Not quite how I pictured V-Day to be but I'll enjoy watching my kid play his heart out. I asked him to score me a goal for my Valentine's present. Of course he agreed to try and that is all I can ask of him. On this wonderfully bright sunshining morning we woke up early and Graydon gave me a handmade card that was so cute. He made it while I was treating myself to a new haircut and color job (stay tuned for a photo). Those pesky grays are getting pretty bad on top of my head. I really needed the little bit of pampering I had after the week I put in. On top of that I am so very happy to be having at least 3 days off to enjoy my house and get some projects done around here.
What prey tell must you ask I am doing...well I would like to do some painting and re-arranging of a couple of rooms...organizing as usual and maybe some framing of some new prints I have ideas on. On top of that my pottery wheel is calling my name for a new idea I have...stay tuned for some new photos of it.
Meanwhile...I hope you and yours have a very wonderful "Love" day!

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