Sunday, February 1, 2009

So it is official...Super Bowl Sunday is underway and I am hiding in my office for the time being, that is until I get summoned by my 9 year old for some ridiculous commercial. I could really give a hoot who wins the Bowl...the parties are always fun but no one seemed to be having one this year. Totally fine by me!! I would just prefer to stay home and veg. My book and bed are calling me soon. I am half way through the 3rd book in the Twilight series and am looking forward to reading the last one. I gotta see if Bella turns into a vampire!!!
Anywho, what's with the cake you might ask? Well it is a cake that I made this morning for my friends mom who turned 80 and they were having an open house for her at her church. The flavors are chocolate and vanilla with vanilla pudding filling...yummm!!! So needless to say after I got done frosting this very heavy cake I had some frosting left over so a photo op was in order...
Just in case I need to send a birthday greeting...opps, I forgot to light the candle.

And here is little Holly enjoying a sweet treat.
You know just in case I need to send a birthday greeting to a cat lover....

What's this??? A wing....yup, I made chicken wings tonight. They were a baked version and boy were they tasty. The recipe was on Martha Stewart Friday and looked soooo yummy!! Here is the link I don't know how to just put an easy link in here. Anyone who knows, please give me a shout. I need help on it. Now back to the wings. They were sweet, tangy and a little spicy. It came with a really good dipping sauce recipe but they were just fine on their own. I also made chili for the guys. I tried to pick the beans out so I didn't have the carbs but I ended up eating a few. The cleanse I am on is going OK now. I experienced a problem last week and I think it was due to not having carbs in my diet. So I started incorporating a little tiny bit each day and I feel much better. Two weeks tomorrow under my belt and the next week should go by fast...I hope!!
Bird vase again....well there is a reason. I actually built myself a light box tonight. It was pretty simple using foam core, packing tape and lights. The total I think came to about $40-45 and hopefully will kick me in the butt to photograph my art more. The lighting is a little yellow for me so I think I need to play around with the settings on my camera. Otherwise it is a great investment. It is totally collapsible and I even have a place to store it. Thanks to Lorelei for the tips and idea and Michelle for a few reference websites.
Here it is....a little dark around the edges but all in all great!


Susan said...

Those wings look great! Hey, to put an easy link, just type whatever word it is you want to be highlighted as a link word, highlight it with your curser, then go to the icon at the menu top when you are composing your post and there is one that says "URL"...I think that's what it says when you hold your curser on it... a window pops up and you type in (or have already copied the full http link you want to send people to) and past it there then hit ok. Play around with it - I JUST figured this out about a month ago! Have a good week!

Dani said...

Thanks Sue for the information!!

Have a good week yourself!!