Thursday, February 19, 2009

Long Day in NYC

We decided to head to NYC on Monday with 3 other families, so a total of 5 children and 6 adults. It was a great day with so many sights and sounds of the big city. It was Graydons first time in the city and boy did he have an interesting day. The day started off at 7:00 in the morning...we headed out riding with the "R" family in their car. He stopped along the way in Tannersville, PA for a greasy breakfast at the local diner. Mushroom and cheese omelets in their fancy...afterwards we headed into the city via the
Lincoln Tunnel...
We arrived at the Museum of Natural History close to 12:00PM and were welcomed by a long, very long line to get in. Strollers and women with killer spikes on galore! We headed off in our lage group starting off on the first floor...mistake!!! We should have started off on the 4th floor...DINOSAURS! Well needless to say the natives were getting restless. There is only so many stuffed dead animals in their natural habitats that you can see with a bunch of 9-ish year olds (there was a 7 year old and a 12 year old too). We split into 2 in one group :) and the rest in another. They head to an IMAX movie about dinosaurs and I headed to the butterfly conservatory. Needless to say both could have been avoided completely. Both were extra money and both were not worth the xtra $$. While I was on my own I hit the 2nd floor to see the main lobby area that included this dinosaur...Pretty overwhelming standing underneath this monster. Can you just picture yourself in a field with this standing over you and no where to run...YIKES!!!

After finally getting our wits about us...we headed to the 4th floor to see the saurs! Graydon snapped this pic of me curiously enjoying this dinosaurs rear-end...what's wrong with me?

Of course we had to find Dum-Dumm...get me Gum-Gum!! The kids and BIG kids alike were on a hunt for him before we hit the subway!! Those of you who do not know this particular guy...check out the movie Night at the Museum with my fav
Ben Stiller!!
Then off to the subway to China Town. Graydons first trip on one and he was thrilled. Can't you tell by the look on his face? One of our rides resulted in watching 3 young boys break dancing and doing flips...the group enjoyed that performance!!
So to China Town we went...the death hold that my son had on my arm almost the whole entire time was a little comical. Picture this...both sides of the sidewalk lined with Asians and African Americans hocking whatever they could. Literally there was just enough room for one person to walk through the middle. I did end up supporting them by purchasing a DVD of Twilight which has heads in the bottom of the movie, a hat and a pashmina. While going through China Town we saw many different sights and sounds...table after table of Buddhas, carved wooden figures, Pipes, Bongs and even glass Penises (?). learn something new every day!! The kids had their eyes covered by the adults. The adults couldn't stop looking!!!
We ate at this fabulous restaurant in Little Italy called ...opps I can't remember the name but it starts with the letter P. To start we had calamari and bread with sun dried toms in oil. Then out came our meal with very healthy proportions....YUMMM!!
After dinner we headed to the Rockefeller Center to climb "the Rock". Well the elevator did the work for us and let me tell you, it took off like a bullet UP!

Our view from the top was spectacular! Graydon didn't realize we were on the roof until Todd told him and he about dropped to his hands and knees. You had a 360 degree view with even another level to go up. Kim and I ventured up there to find the breeze was so little and it was extremely peaceful. Really almost surreal to be up that high. I even got to see the Statue of Liberty...amazing!
After "The Rock"...the kids were dying to go to Toys R Us in Times that point the adults hit the wall but the kids were off and running once they hit the doors. We headed to the 2nd floor to where the Lego creation were....somebody has too much time on theirs hands to design this (note above).
Upon leaving Times Square Graydon got a little quiet and I asked him what was wrong...he replied "Can we come back soon...I like this place!!
Me TOO!!!!
The end!

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Susan said...

Those were GREAT pics of NYC! Looks like so much fun! We'll have to do that but when the kids get just a tad older...