Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another Week in Review

It's already Saturday? Where has the time gone? For me this week has been extremely busy...back to work I go. Three weeks tomorrow since my "stupid hurts" incident and I still am not yet healed. But I decided that I needed to get back to business whether or not I am feeling OK.
Monday was busy with taking care of my Great-Aunt in the morning and then I headed home to get some stuff done around here. Tuesday was a FULL day of work and let me just tell you it was not fun. I experienced white hot pain between my shoulder blades while working...very interesting! Tuesday night was spent at Graydons first baseball game where he pitched the last two innings. Very fun to watch but brrrr, once the sun went down it was chilly! Wednesday was work in the morning and then home...I proceeded to weed my side garden along my house. I pulled tons and tons of lambs ear (yuck) out along with massive amount of weeds. Thursday was busy as in the morning to the studio to get some stuff done and then to the chiropractor to get cracked. Friday - groceries in the am which btw the guy packed too heavy and I about killed myself loading them into the car and then out again! Then I weeded some more and received a 4 yard load of mulch. between all of that I managed to snap a few photos of life here around the farm...enjoy!
Spring flowers blanket some are bleeding hearts and a pale pink tulip. BTW the first photo is one of the male Grossbeaks that arrive everyday for his food. I have two pairs!!

Lilac smell is in the air! I love it!!
The wysteria that grows up along the side of the barn bloomed this year.

Very pretty I might add. You have to disturb the roots if you want to promote it to bloom. I just took a shovel and dug down the sides of the root ball.

This is Flower on the left and her mom BB on the right. I love the expression on BB's you think she was miffed I was taking pics of her? Flower is very passive and sweet and BB is just a doll!! These two are my favs!

Here is Cher on the left and her son racer. Racer is the typical alpha of the group. Cher hangs out and waits for everything and her daughter, Lily (not pictured) is extremely shy.

And here is Graydon helping out by mowing the big fields next to the house.

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Susan said...

Your house is SO much more interesting than ours! Oh my gosh... those are such GREAT pics!!

New job started last Monday - was in California all week - no idea how I'm going to keep up with working full time and blogging. OH NO!!!